10-Minute, Low-Impact Cardio Workout That Burns Major Calories

A Detailed Introduction to Triplanar Whole Body Vibration Machines

One of the most popular terms for vibration machines is “triplanar vibration”. Unfortunately, it is also the least understood version of vibration. While many people do understand that a triplanar whole body vibration machine will move the body in three directions, there are a few primary issues with their deeper understanding of the process. The issues are: (a) some people don’t understand the three actual directions of movement, (b) some people don’t realize the fact that these movements are complex and hence require perfect frequency control to be beneficial and (c) many don’t understand that the benefits for triplanar vibration do not cater to everyone – in fact, it may be counter-productive for a number of people to go for these machines.

Cardiovascular Training: What You Must Know

Every person would like a cardio training regime that should supply them with the great results they want. After a while, you simply must spend time thinking about, are you noticing the success that you’re working so hard for? Did you just answer no?

Cardio Training: A Newbie Tutorial

Every person wants a cardio training program which will produce the final results they would like. Sooner or later, you will need to ask, are you currently achieving the end results that you’re working so hard for? Did you just answer no?

7 Workout Mistakes Women Make

Women spend a lot of time at the gym, but it could be more effectively spent by avoiding certain key mistakes. The seven workout mistakes below are reported as the most often witnessed by women’s fitness trainers. By avoiding common gym myths, you increase your workout’s effectiveness, decrease the time needed in the gym and prevent injury.

Benefits of Keeping a Food and Exercise Journal

For centuries, journaling has been recognized as a great way for people to better understand themselves and to make necessary changes based on that self-knowledge. The same notion applies to food and exercise journals. More often than not, people indulge in mindless eating and fail to take note of whether or not they are properly fueling their bodies.

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