10-Minute No-Equipment P.volve Toning Workout

You Don’t Have to Train Like an Athlete to Benefit From Exercise

By now we should all understand the health benefits that we get through exercise. We won’t go into all of them here, but study after study has told us that any amount of exercise helps us physically, mentally and emotionally. What sometimes we don’t realize is you don’t have to exercise like you are training for high-level competition to reap substantial benefits. Even small amounts can dramatically help.

Exercise Habits: Do They Always Lead To Fitness?

If you want your exercise habits to lead to a fit future follow these 3 guidelines: use an intuitive approach to working out, avoid excess, and develop consistency in your workout habits. Respect the moment your body is experiencing and make adjustments in the moment. Forcing your body to perform the same way in every workout is the opposite of what an intuitive approach is all about. Avoid the mistake of not listening to your body. Never regard adjustments as a sign of weakness or giving in. From a longevity perspective there’s a tipping point for when you’re wearing yourself out prematurely rather than building yourself up. Skipping workouts weakens your habit- the kiss of death for beginners. Consistency is what turns a habit into a fiber of your life.

Exercise Crucial to Self-Management of Pain, Disability in Seniors

You’re never too old for physical activity. Exercise programs are available to seniors that tailor workouts to the unique needs of their participants.

Baby Boomer Exercise for Joint Health

There are so many options for physical activity you can find some way to achieve physical activity even if you have to deal with chronic conditions. It is worth making sure that your joints are playing the right role in your movement before you move into action however. Some joints are meant to move and others should be stable. When the roles switch pain is usually a symptom.

Kettlebell Workout Benefits – Changing Your Workout Routine

How kettlebells are a great addition to any workout. How are kettlebells beneficial to a workout.

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