10-Minute Quick Core Workout

Windows of Opportunity (Going, Going, GONE?)

Do you take your “windows of opportunity” to use your time productively, to exercise and eat healthy? How to maximize your most valuable asset – your time.

Why Endurance Training Programs at Home Are Very Popular

If you want to complete the best exercising routines, you must consider undergoing different endurance training programs. Remember that it is your responsibility to organize your plan on how to achieve your fitness goal effectively.

To Exercise Or Not To Exercise – How Would You Answer?

Exercise is defined as physical activity done for the purpose of getting physically fit. It is easy to come up with excuses for not exercising. No matter your present situation it is important to realize that your physical well-being is the most critical state to a healthy life.

Honest Review of P90X From A Mom Who Just Finished The Extreme 90 Day Workout With Tony Horton

  Now that I am finished one of the most extreme home workouts available, I thought I would do a review of P90X for anyone who is thinking of doing it. On one hand, I am relieved it’s over, but on the other, I feel so good that I want to keep going.

Fitness Is Ageless

Embarking on a program to become healthy can be daunting for anyone, but someone who is older may find it even more intimidating. The prospect of going to a gym and seeing 20 somethings with fabulous bodies and unlimited amount of energy reserves can really take the wind out of the sails of a more mature person. The most important thing for someone of an advanced age to consider is that the competition is not with others, whether they are older or younger then you. The focus is on improving and strengthening the oneself. This article is addressed specifically to people over the age of 50. Read on for tips on strength training and increasing overall fitness levels.

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