10-Minute Red-Carpet Ready Dance Workout

Start Walking, Here’s How!

One of the best exercises is walking. How much should you walk? How do you get started?

Passive, Active-Passive, and Active Exercise Following a Stroke

Strokes affect people’s brains, causing paralysis based upon what part of the brain is affected by a stroke. There are exercises that can be performed following strokes that allow victims to improve their movement and speech abilities.

Advice For Maintaining A Lifestyle With Proper Workout Routines

If fitness is new to you, here are some golden pieces of advice that ensure a proper workout, and help with a healthy lifestyle. These tips will help for both home-based and gym-based exercise sessions.

Weight Training Simplified: How To Organize A Workout

Learn how to organize a weight workout. Find out which muscles to work first. Learn how to use the variables of set, repetitions, and weight.

Stretches Using Foam Rollers

As we grow older, foam rollers have helped to get stronger muscles and improve the elasticity of your joints. Tests have shown that massages can relieve the pain but not as much as foam rollers. Many gyms have encouraged the use of this exercise as it is cheap and can be easily followed by anyone.

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