10-Minute Strong Beginner’s Body Workout

Beachbody and Les Mills Unite

Two of the biggest names in fitness have merged together to create 2 intense programs. Learn more about the merger of Beachbody and Les Mills here.

The Right Way to Work Out With High Intensity

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is emerging as an imperative for people who want to get maximum results exercising in less time. This article looks closer at High Intensity Interval Training and some basic tips to incorporate at into your exercise and fitness goals.

Some Startling Revelations About Exercise, Fitness and Health

Recently University research has revealed some startling revelations about exercise and health and the importance of at least some exercise. Also, the research has revealed a kind of body trigger that can be switched with low amounts of exercise.

How to Safely Learn Qigong Exercises Online

Qigong exercises are gaining ever greater popularity worldwide, but some experts warn that learning qigong online can be dangerous. Is there as safe way to learn qigong online?

How to Find the Best Home Treadmills in 2013

Buying a treadmill these days can be frustrating. Manufacturers are now highly competitive with their products. More and more features are being introduced especially with electronics. But there’s still some pitfalls in purchase for the unwary. We take you through what to look out for here in our article.

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