10 Squat Rack Hacks for Home Gym & Beyond!

Save Time With the Focus T25 by Shaun T Workout

If you ask people what keeps them from having the bodies they want, most would likely answer with one simple word. They would say “time.” They simply don’t have the time to put hours into the gym. Because of that, they live with bodies they don’t like. If this sounds familiar to you, you can give the Focus T25 workout a try. You won’t need a lot of time to get a good body if you do this routine. You just need some motivation and you can finally get great results. That means you won’t have to come up with reasons why you don’t have the body you want.

Lift Your Glutes With The Brazilian Butt Lift Workout

Beachbody has made a name for itself by creating quality workout products. Because of that, people are talking about the company’s Brazilian Butt Lift workout. They want to know if it lives up to Beachbody’s reputation. Is it as good as the other workouts? Does it get results? First, take a minute to learn what you will get if you use the program, and then, you will get some information on the results

Firm Up Your Flabby Tummy and Find Your 6-Pack Abs

Are you fairly pleased about your body shape, except for that irritating spare tire round your middle that refuses to go away, no matter how hard you exercise and no matter how many crunchies you do? The reality is that unless you get rid of that layer of fat covering your tum you will never see your awesome 6-pack abs hiding underneath it.

Muscle Soreness After Exercise

If your muscles are sore after you’ve gone to the gym, you are probably experiencing Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). Characterized by mild to moderate soreness in muscles peaking 2-3 days after exercise, DOMS can make you feel accomplished and remind you how hard you worked, but it can also prevent you from putting everything you have into your next workout. From novice to seasoned exercisers, everybody experiences DOMS at some point, and hopefully with some helpful tips you can reduce its impact on your next workout and your daily life.

Getting Fit At Home

While being active can be great for your health and well being, there is also a possibility that you can do yourself serious damage whilst exercising. Many people jump straight into exercise without fully considering the possible dangers and tragically become injured, or permanently disabled. Below, the dangers present at some of the most common places for exercising are explained.

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