100 Rep Squat Challenge #2: Most Effective Squat Challenge Workout to Lift & Shape the Butt & Thighs

Why So Many People Like to Do Interval Sprinting

Workouts are the most effective treatment for shedding extra fat and getting healthy. One of the most effective kinds of workout is interval sprinting. Many people implement sprinting especially when they are out of shape and want to reduce the extra fat from their body.

5 Fitness Myths That You Should Stop Believing

Finding information on fitness can be quite the task because new information is coming out every single day. With all these new “facts” it can be hard to sort out what to believe and what to not believe. We help clarify five of the biggest fitness myths that could be harming your health.

Boost Your Breathing, Enhance Your Exercise

Breathing is something we tend to overlook in exercise and in our everyday lives. You can find out if you breathe properly and ways to integrate proper breathing techniques into your exercise routine.

Avoiding Exercise? Add These 9 Moves Instead

You don’t need structured exercise to get healthy. Add these 9 moves into your day to create energy and well being.

The 3 Reasons Why Boot Camps Wreck Your Body!

In 20 years of being a personal trainer, every boot camp I have ever seen made me cringe! The Fact of the matter is that I have never seen a fitness boot camp that didn’t tear up peoples bodies or actually produce real, lasting results. I see people who stay in these fitness boot camps for years and never loose that “last ten pounds,” gain proper strength, or end up looking and feeling like they had hoped for. The one thing I see them gain, were injuries. Here are the 3 main reasons to avoid boot camps exercise classes:

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