15-Minute Booty Burner Workout

Motivation To Workout

Motivation, a common question I get asked is how do you stay so fit? How do you build muscle and what keeps you going at that rate?

Creating More Wellness Thru the Practice of Conscious Breathing

Theoretical approaches to health and well-being are fine, but real results can only come thru a practical and pragmatic approach. And Conscious Breathing is just such an approach. Our overall health-physically, emotionally and psychologically-is directly linked to breathing. Our ability to prevent and control stress, and therefore to improve the quality of our lives is directly linked to breathing.

Exercise in the Community and Pay As You Go

Many people find gyms intimidating, but are keen to exercise and get fit. Why not investigate what is available on your own doorstep? There is often a surprising menu of choices to fit different fitness levels, availability and goals.

In Home Workout Plan

This article is about in home workouts and how you can design your own workout plan. It is very simple and easy with no or very little equipment. In home workouts save you time but you still have the ability to get a fantastic workout.

A Strength Exercise That Will Improve Your Balance

Poor lower extremity strength is the number one reason that people fall. A sedentary individual loses about 40% of their muscle mass and 30% of their strength by age 70. This one strength exercise can improve your ability to walk, climb stairs, and pick something up from the floor.

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