15-Minute Dance and Sculpting Workout With Weights

What Is Lactic Acid Build-Up

There are many common misconceptions about lactic acid build-up. Here we explore some of these falsities and understand the benefits that result.

All About HIIT Training

So what is HIIT? HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. HIIT is a method of working out in which you alternate low intensity moderate training for more intense driven training. High intensity training usually has less rest in between sets, and you are often working at more intense levels, whether it is lifting more weight than you’re usually accustomed to, or sprinting harder than you would normally.

How to Get Energy Through Diet and Exercise

The amount of advice being offered today about Diet and Nutrition can be quite overwhelming. In many cases, most of the advice offered is not beneficial to you. It is important to find the right balance for good nutrition and eating habits.

6 Fun Ways to Get Your Kids to Exercise

How do you motivate kids to exercise? Here are 6 fun ways to get them moving.

Embrace Your Wrinkles But Not Your Bulges

Wrinkles are lines of distinction while bulges are avoidable. Don’t blame age for abuse or neglect. Start a moderate, consistent fitness habit, a truly priceless gift you give yourself. Weight training is great for young or old. Whether you are overweight or slim, maintaining muscle is a lifelong benefit.

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