20-Minute Cardio and Core Workout

Bodyweight Training Builds the Mind and Body

Sometimes I plan my workouts sometimes they just happen, depending on the kind of time I have. So for the last three days I have done 5,500 bodyweight reps Tuesday 2,500 bodyweight squats, Wednesday 1,000 cargo strap (Atlas Style) pushups and Thursday 2,000 bench dips. The rules I use on myself for the last 3 days was drink water and eat nothing all day while I worked and not until I completed the number of reps I set for the day.

Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow

Elbow injuries are very common, especially in the summer when people are playing more golf and racquet sports. In this article two very common elbow conditions; Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow. We will discuss what these conditions are, what’s going on in the body and how you can prevent them from happening as well as what to do if you are already suffering with pain.

Top Secret for Sustaining a Fitness Habit

Working out at the gym is great but relying on it is not. Learn the top secret to sustaining a lifelong fitness habit and other helpful suggestions.

Things to Consider When Adding Squats to Your Training

There are two things that we advocate with strength training, and those are that they create functional strength and they are not done with machines whenever possible. This is why squats are an exercise that should be part of every routine. But they have the reputation of causing injury, so you should know a few things before you start, especially if you are new to exercising.

Introduction to the P90X Routine, How To Achieve Extreme Fitness

P90X stands ready to bring you up to the next tier of fitness and beyond. When you’ve done P90X you will be able to run with the fittest people around. P90X will bring lasting change to your life and fitness.

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