20-Minute Dance Cardio & Sculpting Workout

Ab Circle Pro Workouts

So, you’ve purchased the Ab Circle Pro to keep fit and lose weight. Naturally, you now need to know the best approach to effectively using this premium exercise machine.

Get Fit With a Personal Trainer

Are you a member of a gym or thinking about joining a gym? If so and you are wondering whether to employ a personal trainer, here are seven reasons why the cost of doing so might be worth it.

Motivation to Keep Fit When You’re Travelling

Picture this: You’re a busy executive whose company moves you around the world. You commute between airports, taxis hotels, conference rooms and the like. You get invited to all sorts of lush dinners with important execs, getting tempted with all you can eat 5 star food in the lushest hotels in the world.

Make Biking Fun Again on a Beach Bike

Bored with your same old bicycle from 20 years ago? Wondering how to make it all fun and exciting again biking? Looking to upgrade your bicycles comfort and coolness factor? Read more here and enlighten yourself on all the hottest rage in biking – for good reason!

No Time To Exercise? Impossible: Here’s How

If you’re breathing right now you have time for daily exercise. You can learn how to recognize the time you have and use it effectively. If you learn a variety of strength training movements using dumbbells you can use otherwise wasted moments-increments of 30-45 seconds scattered throughout your day- and get a full body weight workout. At home and possibly at work, long telephone hold times, waiting for water to boil or clothes to dry, helping kids with homework, TV commercial breaks- are fitness opportunities.

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