20-Minute Victoria Sport Workout For Toned Abs and Legs

A Few Words on Exercise

This week I would like to talk about exercise. For the most part the word exercise appears to be a foreign word lately. I started exercising when I was 13, and I haven’t stopped since.

Special Olympics Helps Many Athletes Reach for Gold

For 43 years, the Special Olympics has been dedicated to helping individuals with intellectual disabilities participate and compete in sporting events throughout the world. Founded by Eunice Kennedy Shriver, the Special Olympics proves there is an athlete in all of us.

Resolution – Working Out

Let’s face it. The reality of working out for the traditional New Year’s resolution almost never falls through. Something somewhere went wrong and now you are sitting on your lazy butt reading this article trying to fathom how you can start working out again and again.

Top 5 Free Fitness Apps

The top 5 free fitness apps that can help you lose weight, keep your calories in check and take you through a killer workout. I get asked a lot what I use and these apps make it easy and fun to learn.

4 Ways to Get More Gym Members

Do you ever find yourself asking, “How do I get more members into my gym?” More gym members means more money in your pocket. Follow these 5 simple tips to increase your gym’s membership.

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