25-Minute Yoga Flow to Strengthen Your Core and Glutes

How to Create a Personal Leadership Manifesto

In my Amplifiers group, a high level leadership program for purpose-driven leaders, we are focused on ‘Project You’ this quarter. We are intent on raising the bar for our own personal leadership in all dimensions: physical, spiritual, mental, emotional. One of the core strategies is to develop a personal leadership manifesto. Details follow!

Your Ideal Future – Opportunities Through Ideas

The old adage says “don’t put all your eggs in one basket!” Why cut back on your day-to-day needs just to make ends meet? Don’t rely on only one source of income! Invest into the ideas and ways that make money. Look at the financial benefits of creating new income streams: Money provides opportunity and a means to a better life.

When I Was Young

The sounds of silence so soothing to hear where visions of my past so often appear. We all should remember the tranquility of those simpler days where we had seasons in the sun. Rita, Ann, Mary-Lou and Sue were just a few of the girls I once knew.

Car Crashes And Back Pain

If a person is involved in an automobile crash, they may very well experience sudden pain in their neck or back. Some individual’s pain will heal naturally, on its own. Others may require treatment to bring pain relief. What may not be apparent is that those involved in a motor vehicle collision may be more likely to have spinal pain in the future. This article discusses auto crash spinal injuries, some recent research about the subject and possible treatment options.

Healing Psychic Wounds of Codependency

Codependency is more than a relationship problem. It wounds our psyche and individual development. Make no mistake.

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