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United States of America’s Migratory Crisis Causes and Responsabilities

This essay is about the main causes and ultimately the corresponding responsibilities for said migratory conflict. It explores how Free Trade Agreements, especially Caribbean Free Trade Agreement-RD (CFTA-RD) lack of consideration of the Equal Plain Field Rule under the WTO’s regime, vis a vis three Central America’s artisans/home oriented agricultures. It also examines their oligarchic political regimes’ lack of reaction to EE.UU., dumping of its huge corn surplus in their markets, which prompted ultimately, the mass migrations of displaced farmers. First: men, secondly somewomen, and lately, whole families with their children. The essay purports that the ultimate responsibility and costs for the solution of the crisis, must be shared by these three Central Americas republics. To wit: El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. These republics did nothing not only to adjust their economies’ agricultural sectors to the onslaught of the trade agreements, but to have good border’s controls, or even develop some kind of programs to aid the displaced famers families.

Top Banks United States

There are thousands of banks in US. It is very hard to decide which is the best bank. Here is the list of top 1.

Online Shopping and Online Stores in Nigeria

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All You Need To Know About Value Investing And How To Get Started

This article is about value investing. It explanin in basic how to start to invest in stock by using value investing method.

Professional School Labels for Cost and Waste Savings

Save money and the world by using professional visitor passes and school labels instead of paper! There’s too much waste in the world today. Help reduce garbage output and save your school money!

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