30-Minute At-Home Cardio Boxing and Kickboxing Workout

Long Slow Distance Running Is the Old Person’s Way to Fitness

When I was young we ran hard than walked to get where we had to go. Jogging is the old person way to fitness.

3 Reasons to Get Fit

There are numerous reasons to work on your levels of fitness. As you age, it becomes more important than ever. Exercise and proper nutrition should make up your new lifestyle if you are serious about improving your health. Improving your fitness will result in lowering your cholesterol levels, help in increasing your metabolism and, improving your functional strength…

Exercising Tips for Beginners

When it comes to beginning an exercise program, getting started correctly without injuring yourself will allow you to progress and see the rewards that come with a sound exercise. By starting slowly, setting fitness goals and, learning as much as you can about exercise and how your body benefits from it will allow you years of sound, productive health and fitness benefits.

The 3 Simple Supplements Needed for Workouts

When it comes to taking supplements there are many to choose from. You don’t need to buy any and take every supplement that is on the market. Most people overdue the necessary supplements they need to take. There are as many different supplement companies with many different supplements all claiming to be the best for you. Many people try a mixture of supplements hoping to find the magical potion for all their diet, weight loss and supplement needs.

Secret Training Technique to Lose Pounds FAST!

I have used this technique to lose ten pounds in only 3 workouts! I’m no different than you. So what’s your excuse?

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