30-Minute Calorie-Burning Cardio Dance to Get Your Heart Rate Up!

Boxing Training at Home – How to Choose a Great Boxing Audio or Video Workout

You’ve got your gloves, your punching bag or your partner. Now what? Not all boxing workouts are created equal. Here’s a quick checklist to make sure you’re going to get the best possible boxing workout at home:

Be Fit And Sexy With Personal Trainers That Deliver Results

Fitness may be a personal goal, but it is accomplished better and, maybe even faster, when you’ve got someone on your side encouraging you. Not only cheering you but also providing you knowledge about recent health and fitness issues that may be pertinent to your own fitness goals.

Whip Your Winter Workout Blues: Five Ways to Keep Training Past January

January is statistically the best month for starting a workout program, joining a gym, and hiring a personal trainer. New year’s resolutions are fresh and exciting and people are motivated to start the year with positive changes.

Wearing the Right Workout Clothes to Get Fit

What you wear when you work out makes a difference in how well you perform and how motivated you will be. Look at your workout attire as a uniform. If you are going to make a lifestyle change then you will want to make sure that your workout attire is comfortable. It also needs to help you to perform better and get you in the state of mind to push yourself.

How to Increase Your Maximum 1 Rep on Bench Press

In this article you will learn the most important techniques for increasing your raw strength and power on the bench press. These methods have be used by thousands of people from all walks of life, and have shown to be successful. Keep in mind that you can use these tips for almost any lift or workout to increase your raw power.

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