30-Minute Cardio Dance & Sculpting Workout

Common Workout Mistakes

A lot beginners or even people who have been working out for a while make some common fitness mistakes that are known to hinder results. These are such simple mistakes that a lot of people just overlook them. This article will help you avoid these mistakes by explaining what they are and how to avoid them.

Making Fitness a Part of Your Daily Routine

Fitting exercise and physical activity into an already busy day can seem impossible. Work, school, kids, meals, activities and meetings can leave us feeling exhausted and to the point that the last thing we think we have time for is 30 minutes worth of exercise. These simple tips can help you evaluate your time and look for ways to add physical activities into your day. Exercise is a proven means to increasing health and reducing stress!

Clearing Up the Confusion Around Intermittent Fasting

Actually, after re-reading this, I’m not sure it clears anything up other than, fasting, when done correctly, is BAD-ASS! Anyway, on with the post Personally, it does my head in when people comment on things they don’t understand. You’ve got the trainers who get their education in men’s health commenting on everything- yet they don’t have a single ‘before and after picture’ or success story to back up their so called ‘knowledge’.

The Top Reasons People Fear the Gym

For people who fear the gym, the key is to first identify the reason that you’re afraid to make a commitment to your health. To help you out, here are the top seven reasons most people fear the gym.

Why Should I Start Exercising?

There are five major reasons for starting to exercise to get fit, right now. The most important reasons are to benefit yourself in the following areas: 1. Body 2. Mind 3. Protection 4. Life achievement, and 5. Financial. Start exercising, your life will thank you!

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