30-Minute Cardio Latin Dance Workout

Do The Kettlebell Swing This New Year

The variety of exercises that you can perform using the kettlebell are almost endless as are the benefits, however if there is one kettlebell exercise in particular to be endorsed must be the Kettlebell Swing. The exercise can be performed with any kettlebell, the weight should be selected depending on your ability, strength and should the weight in which your body has become accustom to should also be a consideration. The kettlebell swing is classed as a relatively simple exercise to perform and the benefits of incorporating this exercise into your workouts include burning fat, building strength…

Correctional Movement Designed To Balance And Strengthen Your Strength

In order to build core strength, working on core strength poses that combine lifting and chopping moves provide a foundation of stability and power as well as pilates exercises. Regular practice with these core building exercises as well as pilates training will provide dimensional strength improvements.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Able To Finish Your Exercise Routine Every Workout

You hear and see the advice that you have to finish every set of every exercise in your routine every workout for maximum results in the gym. That’s utter nonsense – if you can finish every workout completely, your workouts are simply too easy.

How to Burn Calories More Efficiently

With your busy schedule and having more responsibilities than ever, you may wonder how could you possibly have enough time to work out in the gym and still have a healthy body that looks great. You may think that you need to spend two to three hours per day in the gym to achieve your goals. Well, the good news is you can have more energy, fit better in your clothes, and feel better about yourself with workouts that are less than sixty minutes per day.

Love, Passion, and Fitness

Ever since I can remember I have always loved to be active and work out. There are many reasons why people enjoy working out. They are personal. Here, I share my own.

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