30-Minute Caribbean Dance Workout

Why I Hate the Fitness Industry

Being fitness professional the title may seem taboo to most. However, understand what drives business – money! Do your own research beyond the television and radio and, most importantly, do what works for YOU. It will save you a lot of grief and money.

How to Stay in Shape Over the Holidays

Most Americans would like to stay in shape during the holidays, but usually don’t understand how to do it. This article outlines a plan to help accomplish this goal.

The Three Biggest Mistakes People Make With Butt and Thigh Workouts

Learn about the three most common mistakes people make when they workout their butt and leg muscles. Avoiding these frequently made errors will help you lose fat faster, sculpt and define your legs and butt and stay pain-free.

How To Organize Your Own Race

This article will give tips and explain the basics of how to organize and direct your race, not only to assure its success, but also future races. Runners will remember a poorly run race where the course was not marked properly or there were no awards. The first time they attend maybe your only opportunity to encourage future attendance. Before you start planning your race it is important to understand the two basic types of runners and why they show up on race day.

Bicycle Riding for the Casual Enthusiast

Whether you are just starting your biking career out, or riding for the fresh air and good feelings you get from it – you are a causal rider. Find the best cruiser bicycle to fit your needs and keep you moving!

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