30-Minute Hard CORE Hip-Hop HIIT Workout

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint on Two Wheels

Reducing your carbon footprint is easily done by the simple activity of cycling which has a whole host of other benefits too. Lose weight and increase fitness levels through cycling as well as saving money on filling the car up.

Shin Splints

Shin splints are one of those injuries that stop you in your tracks. The pain can keep you from running or walking another step. This article discusses the mechanism of pain and how to prevent it.

Achilles Pain From Running

Running is a great exercise. It can be done at your own pace or with friends. You can make any run as easy or hard as you want. However, the pounding of running also leads to injuries. This article talks about one of the most frustrating, Achilles tendinosis.

The 6 Best Exercises For Guaranteed Weight Loss

Weight loss has been a burning topic for discussion for decades. The topic has gained even more relevance in the 21st century. Today’s collapsing economy and competitive market have forced people to work odd hours and lose focus of their health. Most of the young executives in multi-national companies have no time to eat their meals properly let alone exercise regularly. The inevitable result of this unhealthy lifestyle has been unhealthy fat accumulation and obesity in young people.

Keep the Fun in Your Run

The first step in beginning a running program is to ask yourself a few questions. How you answer these questions will determine how you begin.

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