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6 Reasons This Election Was Closer Than Some Expected

Political polls, public opinion surveys, etc, often, are used, and relied upon, in order to determine, what people believe, want, prefer, and perceive, but, in recent elections, it has become clear, what people tell pollsters, and what they, actually do, in the voting booth, often differs! For months, prior to this past, Presidential election, nearly, every report, stated, President Trump, trailed his opponent, Joe Biden, in a statistically, significant way. However, for probably, many reasons, it seems, the actual results, were somewhat, closer.

Game Day

Game Day is a term for the date of a sporting event. It has also been used to mark the day of other significant events.

Wielding Spice

Why serve your family and friends a functional meal when you could make the meal that you prepare the center of a gathering? Learn to wield the power of spice, and don’t reveal how you do that.

Childhood Trauma: Can Childhood Trauma Define What Someone’s Personality Is Like?

If someone was asked to describe themselves, they could end up using a number of different adjectives. Furthermore, this could be a time when they use a number of different labels.

What Is My Life Purpose? What IsThe Meaning Of My Life?

Asking yourself: “What is my life purpose?” is one of the most important questions you will ever ask. It cuts straight to the heart of who you are and why you are here. Life purpose coach Richard Leider has defined an equation for establishing your life purpose as: Gifts + Passions + Values = Purpose. Your answers to the ‘what is my life purpose’ question will change and develop as you mature in age and experience.

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