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This Meeting Should Have Been an Email – Part 1:

One of the biggest complaints I hear from corporate clients is how annoying it is to be stuck in endless, meaningless meetings. Here are some ideas on how to turn that around so your team actually looks forward to them.

The Year 2020 A Catch 22

What started out in January of 2020 half a world away is where we should have known the dangers that lay ahead. But, we were either ill informed or were denied the opportunity to acquire and safely implement the safety protocols that would have minimized the disasters we are facing today. The levels of incompetence of the Trump Administration in response to this Global Pandemic has led the United States into the worst catastrophe since the Great Depression.

How Can You Create Great Content Without Being Too Wordy?

Writing great content is about using the right words in the right place, at the right time. These suggestions will help you improve your writing exponentially. But, don’t allow these ideas to interfere with your flow of words – that’s what editing is for.

How to Control Silverfish

Silverfish are prehistoric pests that can much away and ruin some of your valuable documents and mementos. Learn where they like to live, what they like to destroy and how you control Silverfish in your home.

Hepatitis B: A Overview of the Disease, Symptoms, and Prevention

Introduction: Of all the viruses that ravaged humanity throughout history, after AIDS, hepatitis stands as the most disturbing and gruesome virus. It derives its lethality from its ability to start asymptomatic and turn chronic over the years. Hepatitis is a family of viruses that affects the liver leading to liver cancer in late stages, making it life-threatening.

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