30-Minute Live Sweat Box Workout With Christa DiPaolo

Strength Is The Product Of Struggle

There is something to be said about embracing and overcoming a struggle. The hardest part is what makes life great; by overcoming the challenges of life, I have experienced great victories.

How To Change Your Thinking And Get More Positive Results In Your Weight Loss Program

How to change your thinking and get more positive results in your weight loss program. Don’t allow your past failures or disappointments prevent from getting the weight loss that help you live the healthy, energetic and fun-filled life you have always wanted. To relentlessly lose weight you have to overcome the negativity that comes from your skewed past, the expectations of others, and your emotions. Here are some of the ways you can break-free from some of your self-imposed limitations your mind.

The Consequences Of A DUI – What Happens To Your Driving Privileges?

If you’re stopped and found to be driving a car under the influence of alcohol, you’ll probably pick up a DUI charge. Drunk driving is a severe offense, and many states don’t treat kindly with drivers who are caught. A DUI conviction will lead to quite a bit of negative fallout in your life in many cases. Some places of employment have even considered terminating employees over DUIs. However, one of the most significant impacts it could have on your life is the suspension or revocation of your privileges to operate a vehicle.

5 Ingredients Weight Watchers Should Look Out For When Buying Coffee Creamers

Coffee creamers make up a significant part of our daily routine. We add them in various flavors to our coffee without a second thought. However, most of these creamers can be a nightmare for those of us trying to watch our weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some of their ingredients aren’t exactly diet-friendly, and others are downright harmful to our digestive system. Here, we’ll examine some of the coffee creamer ingredients you should keep an eye on when watching your weight.

Battle Born Is More Than a State Slogan, It’s a Beer With a Western Attitude

There are still people willing to take risk to start and grow a business, even when others think the market is: saturated, highly regulated, and competitive. This article looks at a guy that had a vision, substantiated that vision with research, personal experience and getting help from leaders within the industry. Some people call such success “luck”. Lee Trevino, a golf great, had this to say about luck: I practice daily, pay for great golf instructors, try to understand my competitors, study courses I play, take meticulous notes, experiment with equipment and remember all my errors so I seldom repeat them. Then people say a shot or win is luck. No, great wins and shots are what comes together with work that leads to experience and God given raw talent. Battle Born Beer is built on the same type of hard work and not luck.

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