30-Minute Low-Impact Dance Grooves Workout

The Economic Benefits of Cycling

With cost of petrol soaring and everyone wanting to get in shape for their summer holiday, we take a look at the health and money benefits of swapping your car for your bike. It’s Cheaper than a New Car Can you imagine how stressful it is to get a car loan? It can also be pricey at times and might pay off to think outside the box.

Cardio Is The Key to Fast Weight Loss

There are many strategies out there about how to achieve fast weight loss. Any successful plan must include cardio. Why? To answer that, we must first remember the old tried and true idea of calories in, calories out.

My Shins Are Killing Me

Shin splints are a horrible discourager for every runner, especially a new runner. Have you ever wondered why they really happen, and how you can prevent them in the first place?

Fitness at Work: How To Keep in Shape Whilst At Work

With today’s hectic work schedules it can be hard to fit in time for keeping fit. One way to tackle this problem is to incorporate methods of keeping fit whilst at work. There are several approaches to fitness within the work place, from simply incorporating your own simple individual fitness routine or by trying to campaign for your company to provide more fitness opportunities, such as a company gym.

Five Proven Techniques To Help With Getting Some Exercise

Lots of people would wish to get some exercise. Consequently, it is advisable to examine several different alternative routes to get some exercise, and choose the most promising methods to investigate and then to try. When you choose to begin, this is especially necessary.

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