30-Minute No-Equipment Cardio Workout

Jump On It!

Here’s an interesting word for you, “plyometrics.” Yes, it is a rather strange word and it’s strange because it is a coined word. Like a brand name, it wasn’t developed over years of use, it was invented on the spot by a man named Fred Wilt. He was watching some Soviet athletes doing odd jumping exercises.

6 Tips to Ease Into a Running Schedule – Best Health and Fitness Tips to Stay Healthy

Tip 1. Setting manageable and achievable goals from the start. When easing into a running schedule every beginner should always set his own goals based around the lifestyle and fitness he wants to achieve.

The Best GPS Running Watches and How to Choose the Best Watch for You

There are many difference types of running watches on the market. Finding the right watch can sometimes be a daunting task. These article will help you find the best running watches on the market and know what is right for you.

Moving and Grooving: 4 Unique Ways to a Healthy Life

While you may feel exercise isn’t for you, there’s a way for every single person to move their body. You just have to find the way that works for you. Read on for 4 ways to move that body.

Is It Possible That You Can Exercise Too Much?

It is a fact of life that no matter what you do, even if it is something as important to a healthy lifestyle as exercise, that too much of a good thing can cause as many problems as too little. Recent scientific studies have shown that too much exercise, especially long periods of sustained cardio exercise can be particularly harmful to your health, and particularly your heart.

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