30-Minute Old-School Hip-Hop Grooves Workout

Experience Optimal Physical Results for Less Than 30 Minutes a Day

Getting regular exercise is critical in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While some may spend hours at the gym, research in support of shorter, more intense workouts has shown that incessant hours of working out is unnecessary. High intensity interval training, or HIIT for short, has been practiced by athletes for years and has been shown to provide optimal results in a shorter amount of time.

Exercise and the Lymphatic System

Better health through fitness has been the fitness industry’s pitch for decades. But does being fit necessarily mean better health? Rarely; but there a way to exercise that can boost the immune system. Peripheral Heart Action circuit training. With this system of weight training, lymph fluids are moved through the body and the venous blood assisted back to the heart

Another Version of HIIT – The Seven Minute Workout

One of the most over-used excuses people give when asked why they don’t exercise more and it will be that they don’t have enough time in their busy day. Of course there may be other reasons, such as they just don’t have the energy level to exercise. But given the time it takes to go to a health club, get ready, stretch, do 45 minutes of exercise, finish and go about a person’s day, and many people really don’t have that kind of time.

I Did It: A Small Goal for Running

I did it! I realize that there is nothing really incredible to reaching this goal, because it is a goal that I have reached hundreds of times, but non the less, I did it! That’s why I keep running.

How Can We Exercise To Improve Upon National Rates?

Having this as part of my weight loss and health promotion program, I strongly believe that physical activities should be included in our lives on a daily basis. A lot of people already know this, but we still have so many adults falling short of that.

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