30-Minute Power Yoga For a Sculpted Core

Sitting Disease Busted! A Drastic Revamp for a Healthy Life

Sedentary lifestyle or “sitting disease” has a lot of negative effects on our mind and body. A lot of people do not realize that physical inactivity is the leading cause of many common illnesses such as hypertension, heart disease, osteoporosis, colon and breast cancer, obesity, and gallstone formation. We all want to live a longer and healthier life and now is the best time to begin with it.

New Year, New Start

January offers us a fresh start. No matter how tough last year was, this year can be better. It will be better if you can set goals that make sense for you. Make 2013 your best and healthiest year yet by committing to yourself and making a real plan.

Why You Should Hire A Female Trainer To Optimise Your Workout Sessions

If you’re about to make the commitment to get started with some personal training to help take your fitness program up a notch, it’s important to consider who you train with. Not all personal trainers are alike and it’s vital that you select one that is going to best meet the specific needs and goals you currently have at the moment. One thing that should definitely be considered as you go about the quest to find personal training is the gender of the trainer that you work with.

Is the Olympic Fever Still Running High?

The 2012 Olympic Games are fast becoming a distant memory, and the fitness fever accompanying them seems to have passed. Yet is this the case? Has hosting the world’s most prestigious sporting competition permanently impacted the British enthusiasm for sport and fitness?

Tai Cheng Review

Tai Cheng is Beachbody’s first Tai Chi based program. This is my review!

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