30-Minute Restorative Yoga and Meditation

Beginners Jump Rope Workouts

The 5 best speed rope exercises for beginners that provide a good physical workout despite their simplicity. If you only do these easy steps you will still gain enormous benefit to your fitness and weight loss.

10 Key Benefits of Getting in Shape During Grueling Winter Months

For most, trying to get in shape prior to Christmas or at the beginning of the New Year can be a grueling task and one which poses a big problem for people kicking off their new diet program. However, the benefits of getting in shape during the winter you could argue far outweigh those of exercising during the warmer months.

Overlooked Strength Training Exercises That Help Older Adults Can Prevent Falls

The majority of falls occurs in adults 65 and older. Women account for 67% of falls. A study published in the National Strength and Conditioning Journal September 2013 finds that a weak soles muscle was the common denominator in those who experienced a fall.

The Emotional and Mental Effects of Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is a growing problem and a disturbing issue that we must deal with as a nation. Within this post I talk about the emotional and mental effects of childhood and adult obesity that we see around us everyday.

The Health Benefits Of Kickboxing For Women

Martial arts like kickboxing are popular as self-defense strategies. Nevertheless, the benefits are not confined to self-protection alone. Kickboxing combines boxing maneuvers with cardio elements to give you a full-body workout. It harmonizes the body, mind and soul. The holistic approach renders it an effective fitness program for men, women and children.

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