30-Minute Standing Cardio Workout

Agility Fundamentals

What is agility? How can you improve as a coach or an athlete? How is it best practiced?

Why Run?

For me the answer came mid October 2012. A few weeks earlier whilst at an amazing event, featuring Anthony Robbins, I came to a conclusion, that my physical fitness is very poor.

The Downhill Side of Life

People imply that the downhill side is somehow easier. That you can let go a little when you are there and just coast. That you don’t really have to work to reach any achievement on the downhill side. Well, I submit that it is not easier, you can not coast, and in reality, true achievement on the downhill side takes much more focus and dedication than on any other side of the hill.

Is Jumping Rope Good for You?

The benefits of skipping or jumping rope and how it enhances your fitness and conditions your physical body. Skipping exercise targets and how it can be introduced effortlessly in to your busy way of living, unlike a gym membership.

Exercise For All Seasons Of Life

As we mature in years there are a number of things we tend to outgrow. Exercise is not one of those things. Exercise is one of the first things we do after we’re born and if we’re wise we keep at it to some degree all of our lives.

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