30-Minute Strength Training Workout With Dumbbells

You, Your Kids and Physical Health

We all know that many kids nowadays lack physical exercise. With the number of electronic gadgets, gaming systems and television channels, it’s no wonder that we have forgotten how to get up off the couch and get moving. It’s easy after a long day to just want to veg in front of the television (trust me, I’ve done it myself a number of times), but sometimes, if we make that tiny bit of effort, we will feel so much better when we get active. Same goes for our kids! But, as with most everything else, it must begin with us.

Workout Plan For Weekend Warriors

The term Weekend Warrior has several different meanings, but they all have the same root. It’s someone who’s unable to perform an activity much during the week, usually because they’re too busy, but then goes all out on it during the weekend. Weekend Warrior applies to many people when it comes to exercise and athletics.

Better Running Through Strength Training Part One

Distance running is a great sport that is enjoyed at a variety of levels by millions of competitive and recreational athletes. Whether you prefer to jog a couple of miles through the neighborhood, or are training to complete a marathon, distance running is a highly effective and efficient means of aerobic conditioning. Unfortunately, distance running is considerably less beneficial for your musculoskeletal system. Injury rates among runners are extremely high. In fact, at the high school level, cross-country runners experience more injuries than athletes in any other sport, including football and gymnastics. However, one of the most effective means for minimizing tissue trauma is to develop stronger muscles, tendons, fascia, ligaments and bones. This is the primary reason that every runner should perform regular strength exercise.

Top 5 Ways To Increase Your Exercise Levels

Exercise is crucial to losing weight. Yes, you can also lose weight without working out but it will be much harder. Remember, to lose weight, your calorie intake must be lower than the amount of calories you burn daily. Exercise helps you increase the amount of calories your body burns.

Body Clock – The Best Time for Exercise

Your body has a natural rhythm called your circadian rhythm or body clock. It functions on a 24 hour time frame based on the time you get up and go to bed. Keeping a consistent pattern to your sleep habits helps you to determine what the best time of day is to exercise for you.

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