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Sports Drinks Vs Water – The Ugly Truth

In the 21st century – advertisements for energy drinks are everywhere. You can no longer switch on the television or flick open a magazine without seeing an advert for these glorified potions. It seems that these drinks are taking over the fitness world, and you only have to wander down to your local gym to see just how popular they are.

Zumba Injury Prevention Guide

Dance fitness is one of the things that dancers and instructors need to understand because it is what determines the success of any dance group or individual. There is no way anyone can produce amazing dance styles unless their bodies are fit and up to the task. However, even though this is the case, dance instructors have been going through a lot of difficulty because whenever they try to teach their groups some new skills, they are faced with injuries.

Better Exercise Stamina – 3 Tips to Improve Running Stamina

Building stamina requires time and practice, and the payoffs are worth the efforts. Good stamina is key to getting the most out of your training sessions and enjoying your life. For instance, if you can’t sustain running-or any other cardiovascular training-for more than 20 minutes, then you’re probably no benefiting from the training and may be actually wasting your time and energy.

Carbohydrate Consumption for Olympic Events

There are many myths and misconceptions about what carbohydrates to eat for sports. Here is a list of healthy carbohydrates to eat for 5 Olympic events.

How To Start Running For Fat People – 2 Keys For Injury-Free Exercise

Going from being sedentary to becoming a true runner can be a quite challenge-especially if you’re overweight or totally out-of -shape. However, there are some training approaches and strategies that can make this challenge much easier. Therefore, if you’re an overweight person seeking the best approach, then you’ve come to the right place. Below are the 2 golden steps which can get you on the right path toward becoming a true runner while steering clear of injuries and setbacks.

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