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The Forward Bend

The Forward Bend is a short story inspired by an original sculpture work by Internationally acclaimed artist Ruel James. The link to the artwork is provided in the article body.

The Bragadoccio

I’m thinking that all of a sudden boastful and arrogant behaviour is no longer acceptable. Even in marketing, we need to be cognisant of this trend. In marketing we have to know where people are, and we have to act accordingly.

Something About Trump

This is not a political article but rather a compare and contrast of the marketing strategies behind the Trump v Biden contest. Lets be honest this is the biggest game on the planet and as marketers and entrpreneurs we should analyse it and see what we can learn. This is my take.

ExpertClickRadio Interview on the Frankie Boyer Radio With Renowned Art Conservator on Collecting

In the fun 4 min radio interview segment with Frankie Boyer, the topic turns to how to avoid getting ripped off by shady appraisers or restoration specialists. Also Scott gives examples of protecting valuables from natural disasters and finding the right person for fixing broken china or restoration of an art piece.

Get Hair That Everyone Will Fall In Love With This Winter!

Winter is the time when you need to take a little extra care of your hair and skin. The winter season can prove to be quite brutal and is often the time when you lose a lot of hair, mainly because you are not taking proper care of it.

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