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Physical Exercise and How It Benefits the Brain

There are so many benefits to exercising, and scientific research continues to reaffirm how important it is for our physical and mental health. Some of the latest research goes against what we have been lead to believe over the years, such as the notion that exercise you can be too old to start exercising, and more exercise is necessarily better. Both of these premises have been proven wrong.

5 Tips To Making Exercise A Habit

We are now into spring, moving head first into summer. I have a question for you, how is your New Year’s Resolution to exercise more and get fit going? For many their motivation to get fit began to waver around early February and the training ended around mid February. To ensure that you enjoy a lifetime of healthy physical activity, you have to make exercise a habit and this article shows you how.

The Benefits of Exercise

People are always talking about going on β€œdiets” and loosing weight but it seems hard for some people to maintain the weight with fad diets and dramatic changes of loosing and gaining weight. Exercise is used yes, for loosing weight but there are many other reasons a person should exercise on a daily basis. Once adding exercise to the daily routine each person carries out, it becomes a natural part of living his or her life.

Beginner Triathlete Time Management Tips

One of the biggest challenges most beginner triathletes face is finding time to fit in their beginner triathlon training workouts. With busy schedules, work commitments and time spend with friends and family, it can be difficult to find time to train for your first triathlon. But it is possible! Here are some super simple strategies to help you with your triathlon training time management.

Exercising With a Rebounder or Mini-Trampoline Is a Healthy Routine

Hectic work schedules are one of the many reasons we can’t find the time to exercise. There are plenty of health benefits of exercising on a rebounder or mini trampoline. This exercise routine fits well into almost any lifestyle.

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