35-Minute Full-Body Workout With Weights With Raneir Pollard

The Top Eight Ways to Work Through Feelings of Hunger

Hunger is not as bad as it was used to be thought of. It can be dealt with in simple ways.

Love Them or Hate Them the Burpee Is Probably the All Round King of Bodyweight Exercises

The Burpee was named in the 1930s by American physiologist Royal H. Burpee, who developed the burpee test. He earned a PhD in applied physiology from Columbia University in 1940 and created the β€œburpee” exercise as part of his PhD thesis as a quick and simple way to assess fitness.

4 Marathoning Mistakes To Avoid

Marathoning can be challenging but these 4 marathoning mistakes can be avoided and set you up for success. How can we run as efficiently and economically as possible without slowing or slowing at a more subtle rate then our competitors? Marathoning isn’t just about running mileage and doing the workouts, but all the other little things that add up to make the winning combination for success.

A Serious Look at Planking, Not the Stupid Internet Craze!

Plank exercises are a form of isometric training, which involves contracting your muscles against stationary resistance. The most common use for isometric exercises is for injury rehabilitation or reconditioning.

This Exercise Erases Bingo Wings Forever and Increases Arm Strength and Speed!

The dip is another one of those exercises that requires you to lift your entire weight while suspended. The beauty of the dip is that not only does it primarily concentrate on toning and building your triceps, it is great to assist in the development of your shoulder and chest.

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