40-Minute Cardio & Sculpt High-Intensity Workout With The Hollywood Trainer Jeanette Jenkins

Don’t Be Inflexible About Your Need to Maintain Health and Flexibility

An article explaining the benefits of maintaining flexibility. Providing advice and tips on activities that can help with this task.

Neck Exercises

Neck exercises can be performed at home or work. Sometimes the exercises are just about getting the joints moving and decreasing pain. Today’s article gives a description of how to perform several exercises at your desk.

Think Fat Burning Workouts – Don’t Forget to Challenge Your Body When Dieting

Many of us want to lose weight but forget that our bodies store fat to keep us alive. A combination of diet and exercise must be used to burn fat while getting fit. Throw away the scale and pick up the tape measure for a more accurate guide to getting slim.

Hammer Curls and Weight Loss

Weightlifting has many advantages as an exercise. You can burn more calories this way than just about any other exercise. You can fill out your frame for better muscle balance. When lifting weights, you stress your bones, which improves their density.

Can We Prevent Sporting Injuries?

Almost all athletes experience injury at some point during their sporting career. But can the chances of sustaining an injury be reduced by effective preparation and good strength and conditioning training? Strategies for reducing the chances of picking up injuries are discussed here…

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