7-Minute STRONG by Zumba Leg Workout

Work and Exercise – Your Path to a Better Tomorrow

If you exercise regularly, you reap a basketful of healthy benefits like lowered risk of contracting chronic diseases, prevention of high blood pleasure, preventing the onset of depression and anxiety besides strengthening muscles and bones and finally burning calories to enhance your metabolism rate, and ultimately earn weight loss. The experts recommend moderately intense aerobic activity for a period of about 150 minutes a week along with muscle strengthening workouts during two additional days, but it is a fact that most adults do not complete their share of the exercises and more than a third of these people will…

Aerobic Fitness – Leading You to a Higher Level of Health and Robustness

When you are able to generate the energy and strength to feel comfortable when executing physical activity, it means you are at a reasonable level of fitness. Improving your fitness levels, even by a margin will lead you to a higher level of health and robustness. A good exercise that can help you achieve a heart rate of about 70% for a sustained period, is aerobics, and this includes jogging, running, swimming and dancing to music, and anything like it that can maintain the functioning of the heart for at least 12 minutes at the aerobic levels.

2013 Personal Training Prices, Gym Prices, and the TRUE Cost of Exercise

Compare the hourly price of gym membership with the hourly price of personal training. Wow, personal training is over 1070x the cost of your membership?

What Makes A Good Stability Running Shoe

A brief look at stability running shoes and how they can help you. We’ll cover what they are and how they work.

Some Great Ab Workouts and Eating Tips

There are many different ways to lose weight, get ripped, or pumped up. Some work really well, while others are not so great. I stumbled across a quick and very effective method of losing weight fast and starting the journey to getting those perfect abs.

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