75+ Push/Pull/Legs RESISTANCE BAND Exercise Movements

Fitness Attire For Exercise – Trendy And High Tech

You really should consider getting yourself some trendy and comfortable fitness attire. It can lead to greater encouragement and greater effort to carry on training. Proper breathable fitness clothing that keeps you dry and cool can let you stay focus on your exercise routine without being distracted by sweat and discomfort. Feel the difference when you have on compression outfit compared to your ordinary t-shirt top.

Challenge Accepted: Push Your Health to the Max

All over the internet health challenges are popping up everywhere. From squatting challenges to clean eating challenges, everyone is challenging themselves. Challenges keep your life interesting and keep you striving towards new goals in life. I have been so inspired by these goals that I’ve chosen to embark on a few. I’ve listed some of the many challenges below and I dare you to challenge yourself and do one.

Exercise For Raising Healthy Teenagers

Every parent will admit that the most worrying time for them in raising their kids was the “teen” years. While a period of rapid growth, physically, sexually and emotionally it is a time of graduation pressures that may determine their future prospects. It is also a time of confusion and uncertainty, of seeking identity and developing confidence and self esteem.

5 Exercise Myths – Busted

We have everything at our fingertips. The information available to us from books, magazines and TV, is just astounding. There is so much information out there, especially on the internet.

Workouts Getting Boring? Achieve Weight Loss Faster Using These 5 Tips!

A good workout routine is essential to weight loss and overall fitness. But when boredom sets in… suddenly your weight management becomes that much harder! Here are 5 tips to keep your workout routine on interesting and fun!

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