Active Upper Body Stretch Workout – PNF Stretch Routine for the Upper Body

Tactics Narcissists Use to Gain Self-Esteem and Power

To some degree, most of us desire to improve our social status and self-esteem, but narcissists feel compelled to. A recent study concluded that it’s their constant concern. More than most people, they look to others for “self-definition and self-esteem regulation; inflated or deflated self-appraisal.

Low Back Pain Relief In Pregnancy

Did you know that 50-72% of women experience low back pain during their pregnancy? Back pain is also the leading cause of missed workdays for working women during their pregnancy. Studies show 10% of women will experience disabling back discomfort for at least two years following delivery. Obviously, back problems associated with pregnancy are major health concern. This article will discuss why pain of the back develops during pregnancy and a safe, effective method to help with this malady.

Don’t Let Satan Steal Your Bible Focus

The devil will try very hard to convince you that you don’t need to read your Bible. God wants you to know the Truth! That’s why you have to set your mind and spirit on Him. God wants your Bible reading to be personal. This article teaching will open your spiritual ears. Don’t put it off and don’t depend on opinions. I’m here to help you, so don’t walk into the trap of not stirring yourself up to read your Bible.

This Is The Time To Be On Fire For God

Let the Word reign supreme in your life! Instantly obey the voice of God! Instead of focusing on what the devil said, pay more attention to what Jesus has said. All the details you need are right here! I know there’s a spiritual fire that’s burning in your heart. Use this article teaching to help you grow in your relationship with God.

Israel and the Prostitution Law

We commend the government and the people of Israel for this firmness in tackling this shameful, debasing and cancerous global menace. This ago-long lascivious practice brings so much pain, stain and shame to those involved, their families and the society. We all know that prostitution has health, psychological, social, security and spiritual implications. It promotes the spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and we know how many people die or are permanently rendered ‘unproductive’ by these terrible diseases daily. The statistics are there. There is a lot of health issues around it. In fact, somebody asked if these clients hovering around do not see the deterioration, scars, stitches and bleeding on the bodies of these ladies of easy virtue.

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