Bodyweight Cardio Workout – 23 Minute At Home Interval Cardio Training

3 Exercises to Help Improve Strength Training For Cyclists

These 3 exercise are designed to target muscles that are critical to cycling: the quads, hamstrings and core. Cyclists can improve their speed and endurance by combining their cycling training with strength training. In addition to improved performance, cyclists who strength train also decrease their risk of injury.

Sitting Is the New Smoking – Humans Are Meant to MOVE!

Modern technology has made us a nation of sedentary workers. Studies have suggested that sitting is the new smoking with many of the same health hazards. Get moving, even while in the office.

Choose Your Right Level of Exercise: If a Horse Hasn’t Run in 4 Years, It Can’t Win the Derby Today!

If you have been sitting on the couch due to injury or other circumstances (yes, laziness counts), then don’t expect to jump into a hard-core training program right away. This will guarantee injuries and/or burnout. Gradually add in more intensity and exercise time as your body adapts to your new activity level.

Can You Be Guilted Into Creating A New Healthy Lifestyle Habit?

Create and keep a healthy new walking habit this spring. Every spring lots of people decide to take up walking. The problem is not very many continue this healthy habit. Why?

How to Cool Down After Working Out

Cooling down after exercise will maximize the results of a good workout. Incorporating light cardio, static stretching, and proper nutrition and hydration practices into your cool down you will allow you to recover faster and reduce you risk of injury.

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