Butt and Thigh Workout with Fat Burning HIIT Cardio At Home – Legs On Fire!

Exercises and Workouts – A Workout Partner Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Getting geared up to start your first fitness plan? Or, perhaps you were steadily working out for years already but happened to let your efforts slip and fell off the bandwagon. Now you are making a comeback. Whatever the case, having a workout buddy by your side can make the process that much easier and can mean the difference between success and failure. But, you need to choose your workout buddy correctly. The wrong workout buddy may actually hinder your results – so you need to think carefully to ensure you are selecting effectively. Here are three quick tips…

Using Gyms As an Antidote for Stress

Stress impacts your physical and mental health. Head to one of your local gyms and get active to help fight off those worries.

Walk Your Dog and Keep in Shape

How can you keep in shape if you walk your dog? If you own a dog, you will develop a routine of walking the dog. That people who walk a dog will get some exercise through their walking is obvious. But a study at Michigan University has revealed that people who walk a dog are more likely to have more overall physical activity.

The Kettlebell: Your Defense Against Weakness

There is an oddly shaped round weight with a flat bottom, it has a handle on top of it and people use it for exercising. It is a kettlbell and it has multiple uses. Like a dumbbell, you select the weight that is appropriate for you.

Is Your Workout Killing You?

Is your workout killing you? It just might be. Typical cardio and endurance training (that is, any strenuous, non-stop workout of more than 20 minutes in length) take a vicious toll on your body that mainstream sources seem to completely ignore.

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