Calling All the Busy Babes: You Need to Try This Short and Efficient Workout

Exercise Resistance and Avoidance: How to Get Past It

Getting to the root cause of your avoidance and resistance to exercise will enable you to get past it so you can sustain a lifelong fitness habit. Personal trainers often work you too hard- afraid you’ll quit if results don’t show quickly enough. Only you can know what works for you. Be aware of when your mind and body both feel most ready to work out. Learn how to get your resistance and avoidance out of the way to make room for consistency- a fundamental component of every lifelong fitness habit. Consistency trumps everything else.

Kettlebell Core Exercises

Try these kettlebell exercises to tighten your tummy and tone your core. Kettlebells have the added benefit of strengthening your entire body, not just the area you are focusing on. Use caution and practice proper form to protect your back.

Activity or Exercise: Adding Movement to Your Day

Exercise is important, but not always a possibility. That doesn’t mean that it is hopeless. If you can’t clear your schedule and do a hardcore workout, that doesn’t mean that you can’t go for a quick walk or take the stairs. Activity can do just as much good. Take some of these examples to get more active.

The Hidden Danger Of The CrossFit Craze

The hardcore devotees of the CrossFit craze will go to the ends of the earth promoting how amazing the program is and that they are the fittest people on earth. However there are far too many injuries being suffered by its participants. Dangerous craze or just a media beat up?

7 Strategies To Build Willpower And Get Fit Once And For All

The majority of people want to be fit and healthy, yet something always seems to be standing in the way. I’ll share with you 7 easy things you can do to break free from excuses, find the willpower to dig deep and get the smokin’ hot body you’re dreaming of.

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