Can You HIIT like a Girl Round 2 – 28 Minute Fat Burning Cardio HIIT Workout Challenge

Marathon – How to Prepare Just Before the Run

What to do in the hours before the run. How to make sure you run at your best.

Are Light Weights The Best Way To Burn Fat?

Are light weights the best way to burn fat? Many trainers and trainees think that higher reps are necessary to increase the burning of fat during training.

How Was Zumba Choreography Created?

Popularity of exercise dance classes has grown immensely mainly because not only are they fun but have proven results in weight loss with aerobic benefits and even strength training. So many different types have varied benefits and here we review the routines of Zumba and how this began.

5 Great Exercises That Will Help Swimmers

These 5 exercises are designed to help you gain strength in your lats, pectorals, shoulders, quadriceps, hamstrings and core. Swimmers who train outside of the pool can increase their efficiency, speed, and overall performance by targeting these muscles in the weight room.

Exercise Doesn’t Have to Take a Lot of Time

Effective exercise doesn’t have to take long. Just 10 Minutes, three times a week can produce some notable results.

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