Coop’s Garage Gym Walkthrough: 2020 Edition!

The Beginner’s Guide to Beach Body Abs

Getting the beach body abs you deserve is hard – and the challenge is oftentimes too hard for a lot of people. But if you don’t burn off that layer of fat, you won’t get to see what’s underneath, right?

How to Stay Dedicated to Your Workout?

Starting a workout is easy, sticking to it requires motivation. Motivation is an internal push that makes you accomplish your goals, no matter what your goals are! If you had ever jumped into a workout, you might probably know that you need a constant motivation to keep on going.

The Great Spot-Toning Fitness Myth

Do you remember the Thighmaster? Well spot toning is a myth that was created by some who work in the fitness world in order to cash in. In reality if you do 1000 abdominal exercises a day it won’t help you to get a flatter tummy. But the muscles that sit under the layer of tummy fat will become stronger.

Get Energy to Last All Day – The Benefits of Exercise

As busy moms we all have plenty of excuses not to exercise: too busy, too stressed, not enough time, too tired. Supermom syndrome at it’s best; balancing the wants and needs of our kids, spouse, job, family and lifestyle; take’s it’s toll.

I Gave Up

The 4th mile clocked up. I was doing a 10k time trial on the treadmill. I was running hard but starting to struggle.

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