Day 4: Kickboxing & Yoga Workout – 5 Day Workout Challenge to Burn Fat & Build Lean Muscle

Can You Get a Flat Stomach Overnight?

You should stay away from solutions that can flatten your stomach overnight because any method that can make you lose weight that fast is in no way good for you. I personally would put in the hard work to honestly remove stomach fat as it’s more beneficial for you. All the healthy ways will lose weight slowly, but surely without worry of health issues.

Enhancing Your Vigor

It’s a downward spiral – lack of exercise contributes to that feeling of fatigue. This article provides valuable advice to boost your energy levels and increase your general vigor.

Does It Matter When You Exercise And Why

Exercising at certain times does make a difference. It helps you in many ways and some are here.

Exercises and Workouts – 4 Exercises To Try For A Firmer Back

Developing strong back muscles is important as it will help to not only counteract any chest exercise work you do, but will also help you sustain better posture as well. If you suffer from weak back muscles, you may find yourself using poor posture throughout the day which could eventually lead to long-term back pain. The back is one area of your body often overlooked as you can’t physically see it – so it’s easy to neglect it. Let’s go over four great exercises to add to your routine to hit this major muscle group…

Tendonitis Vs Tendinosis – Symptoms and Treatment

Tendonitis is a term describing the pathology of the muscle tendon characterized by an inflammatory process in the tendon which can also be accompanied by degeneration or disruption of the tendon fibers. Another more common tendinopathy is the one called “tendinosis” which manifests mostly with the tendon degeneration without the existence or with minimal existence of the inflammation in the tissues. These terms are commonly used and mistaken for each other but, in fact, chronic inflammatory conditions in the tendons are not that common in comparison with degenerative types.

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