Day 9: 30-Minute Full-Body Yoga Workout With Sweat Trainer Phyllicia Bonanno

Inner Child: Can Someone’s Wounded Inner Child Stop Them From Being Able To Embrace Life?

In order for someone to be able to fully show up and to embrace the life that they have been given, they will need to have a good connection with their emotional self. This part of them will provide them with the ability to take life in and, of course, to feel things.

The PEMCLITS Of Superior Real Estate Representation

According to the National Association of Realtors, there are nearly, 1.5 million licensed agents, etc, in the United States. A closer examination, however, indicates, that most of the business transactions, and activities, take place, as a result of, only a fraction of that number of individuals.

Are You A SERVICE – Focused Leader?

If you hope to become a leader, and/ or, presently serve, in some capacity, and/ or, position, it will be, up – to, you, to determine, what type, you will be! Will you simply, assume some position of leadership, or will you become a real, meaningful, effective, quality leader? If you hope to be the latter, it is essential, to learn, and take advantage of professionally – designed, leadership training programs, and to commit, to being, a SERVICE – focused one!

Why We Need To Use Our MINDS To Overcome Our Fears?

Groucho Marx is often credited with saying, It’s a matter of mind over matter. If you don’t have a mind, it doesn’t matter. While, Groucho, certainly, made that statement, with the intention of being humorous/ funny, a closer examination indicates, there is more, than a little, truth/ logic, in those words!

Neglect: Can Childhood Neglect Cause Someone To Disconnect From Their Anger?

If someone was to take a step back and to reflect on their life, they may find that it is more or less impossible for them to get angry. Or, if they can get angry, they may find that they don’t get angry when they need to.

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