Why Lunges Are Great

I was asked once what my favorite exercise was. Initially, I thought this was a silly question since different situations call for different exercises. However, after some thought and further observation of other personal trainers, I realized that the one exercise that I use the most is the lunge.

Interesting Cardiovascular Exercises

If you are into workouts, then you will hear a lot about cardiovascular exercises. In fact these should be included in your fitness plans. Cardio exercises not only help to burn fat but are also good for your heart and lungs. There are many ways to get your quota of cardio exercises. Let us examine a few.

The Health Benefits of Water Exercise

By performing water exercise, people experiencing joint issues and back pain can actively work towards increasing physical activity. Because of buoyancy, water helps to decrease the amount of stress to the joints during exercise, which is also beneficial to overweight people looking to increase activity levels. As a result of the natural resistance we encounter while exercising in water, increases in strength are an added benefit. Water exercise is also a great way for anyone to add some variety to their workout programs.

Spartan Race – A Walk in the Park After Cancer Treatment

I just completed my first Super Spartan race of eight miles of obstacles at Oleta Park in North Miami on February 23, 2013. I would have thought this to be an extreme challenge especially when I picked up my bib envelope which stated in big letters “There is a real possibility YOU MAY DIE…”

Muscle Building – A Proper Blend of Diet and Exercises Alone Will Get You the Desired Results

If building muscle mass and burning calories are your goals, you must first reconcile to the fact that there is no miracle process and it cannot happen overnight as many spurious websites claim. The process is slow and steady and you can certainly achieve your goals if you consistently follow the proper procedures. Everyone knows that a proper blend of diet and exercises alone will get you the desired results.

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