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The Mind-Body Connection Are Strong

When I was young our family used to love to go to Katepwa Lake for holidays. My uncle had a beautiful boat with a sixty-horsepower motor and all my cousins enjoyed water skiing behind it. The problem was that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t seem to get up out of the water!

Retirement Thoughts

I am way beyond the magic number that is generally considered retirement age. Often people ask me why I continue to work. There isn’t just one answer to that question.

I Live In My Bubble

Some people live lives that are like a football field. They let everyone run all over them and then throw Gatorade on them at the end of the fourth quarter. They are worried about the opinions of others – even people that they don’t know.

How Much Is Too Much? Let’s Figure It Out

Frequently, individuals tell me that they are overwhelmed with life and after a few questions they reveal the fact that they are surrounded by “stuff” that steals their time and energy. Laundry piles up when teens try on several outfits in the morning, throwing the ones they don’t want on the floor. When it is time to prepare for a wash, they just gather up everything despite the fact that most of it is already clean.

Rights and Responsibiities

I have never had any desire or intention to hijack or blow up an airplane. Before boarding, however, I remove my jacket, take off my shoes, put my laptop in a tray and submit to other security procedures. You see, I understand that someone else might want to blow up or hijack the plane.

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