Fat Burning 60 Minute Indoor Cycling Workout with Cadence & Speed Display Gopro Max Video

Three Things to Add To Your Crossfit Workout

Crossfit is a truly superb way to not only get in shape, but to get in the best shape of your life while working out with a group of people. That being said, there is a very high injury rate for people who do Crossfit, so there is a few things you can do to keep getting stronger and to stay healthy at the same time.

Physical Exercise, Finding The Place And Time To Do It

All of us, if not most, know that physical exercise is good for our health and body. Due to our busy lives, however, this knowledge is placed at a low priority. Lost though procrastination. You end up with no physical exercise routine at all. Time passes by and so fast. Then, looking at yourself, you find yourself in such a mess. Fat and flabby, weak, unfit, stressed, with health conditions. The human body is designed to be active, moving all the time. Using the muscles for strength. Otherwise, our health and body will suffer. The problem for many of us, is simply how to get started, then make physical exercise a daily routine..

Physical Activity and Stress

Many people turn to exercise to look and feel good. An excellent benefit of exercise is stress reduction. In this article we will look at what stress is and how exercise can help.

Should I Be Drinking Water?

The benefits of water go beyond just not being thirsty, all our cells and organs are composed of water. In fact, our bodies are made up of 75% water just like the ratio of ocean and land on earth!

Why Do People Not Keep Up Their Heavy Bag Training?

This article answers the questions and gives a solution to why people do not endure long in their heavy bag training programs. The real key is to have a complete system, where everything is explicitly spelled out for each round of your training. Very few people train this way, and very few people stick with their heavy bag training. This correlation is not merely coincidence.

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