Functional Upper Body Strength – Weight Training for the Upper Body

Guide to Planning an Outdoor Fitness Area and How to Furnish It

Within the last year, adult outdoor playgrounds have been popping up all over the country. These playgrounds are packed full of low-impact fitness equipment from balance beams to pull-up bars. They are typically located near a children’s play area so that working moms or caregivers can both exercise to lose weight and also watch over their children while they play on the swings or slides. Studies show that physical exercise can ward off obesity, depression, diabetes, heart disease and memory loss but the various responsibilities of children can make this impossible to add into a daily routine.

Get Off The Couch and Workout

However, if you’ve made it a point to change your life around, and if your doctor has given you the OK, you need to drill in your head that it’s time to get off the couch. It’s not as if you need to completely abandon that piece of living room furniture unable to ever enjoy its comfort again. Instead, you should strive to do some type of workout before you relax on the couch if that is what you typically enjoy doing in the evening hours. It may help to think of the couch now as your reward for working out for an hour.

Why You Shouldn’t Exercise to Lose Weight

I want to let you in on a secret. If you want to be successful with a fitness program, do not exercise to lose weight. Before you start thinking, “why am I wasting my time at the gym?

How Is Fitness Affected by Genes?

Science now shows that a person’s genetic code affects their ability to achieve physical fitness. Learn how this is possible here.

Life Change Ahead

This is it, it’s official. It’s happening, and it’s real! Am I crazy? Do I know what I am getting myself into? Not really, but people are doing it all the time, so I guess I could do it, too.

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