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Avoid Muscle Soreness Before You Exercise And Enhance Your Workout

We’ve all heard of power bars, energy bars and work out bars meant to supply calories for energy. And that’s exactly what they do. But the ingredients of these bars may not be of much help in burning stored fat. Find out why.

Effective Vertical Jump Exercises

When you need to try out for a certain position on a sports team or if you are getting ready to participate in a sporting competition that requires high vertical jumps, you will need to engage in vertical jump exercises in order to achieve a high vertical jump that stands out from your competition. If you want to be successful at the vertical jump exercises, you will have to practice at least three times a week and you can do the exercises in your backyard, at a public park or at an empty track and field stadium, and if you…

Want Total Fitness and Fat Loss? Try Cross Training

When people think of fitness and fat they usually don’t think of these things correctly. Especially the fat part of the equation. You can have your weight almost perfect for your height, but that doesn’t mean you are fit and not fat. It is the fat content of your weight that decides that. You might have 20% body fat and less muscle. This means you are overweight. I will tell you how cross training can reverse those numbers.

How to Get Started With Your Health Goal for 2013

Choosing a fitness goal and sticking to it changes everything. When you commit to your goals, the sky is the limit for you, your health and everything you do in your life!

Why You Should Add Functional Exercises To Your Training Routine

The popularity of Functional Training is on the rise due to it’s application to real-life situations. Athletes and exercisers of all levels can gain benefits from adding Functional Training movements into their training routines including strength-building, flexibility and agility. This article looks more in-depth at the more functional approach of modern strength training routines.

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